Noodle Taster Bundle

Noodle Taster Bundle

  • 17g of protein per meal Equivalent to 2 large eggs
  • Vegan Friendly, Planet Positive
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • 3x more Dietary Fiber Compared to leading instant ramen
  • 52% lower fat Compared to leading instant ramen
  • No Palm Oil

1x BAMnut Noodles with Sweet Hot Seasoning 1x Moringa Noodles with Sesame Garlic Seasoning 1x Charcoal Noodles with 'Shroom Seasoning 1x Pumpkin Noodles with Cheeky Curry Seasoning

Bundle up and try all four of our awesome noodles with seasoning. Enjoy every flavour and save 16%.

What our Better Believers say 
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High Protein

High Fiber

regenerative legume

All Hail, the BamNut

Small in size, sweet in nature, the humble BamNut is big in nutritional value with a taste to die for. You're gonna love it! 

Other Ingredients

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