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The Scott Poynton Podcast

Chris Langwallner is the Founder and CEO of WhatIF Foods. Chris and Scott discuss WhatIF Foods, the Nutritional Paradox, and life in general.

Atlas of the Future

Regenerative crop Bambara groundnut meets instant noodle. The Bambara groundnut has been farmed for centuries, but...

CNA - Race To Feed The World

Race to Feed the World features scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs, and activists racing to provide the food of the future.

Eco Business

We fell in love with the Bambara groundnut’: How a start-up is improving livelihoods of small farmers in Africa...

Money FM 89.3

Glenn van Zutphen talks to Chris Langwallner,Co-Founder & CEO WhatIFFoods as he shares how his company is taking a lead in changing the waywe view nutrition...

Hive Life Magazine

WhatIF Foods CEO Chris Langwallner hasembarked upon a quest to change everything we know about food...

Eco Business

Amid a pandemic and belt-tightening times, smart food choices can bolster immunity; the key is to have a diverse diet and use your calories wisely by selecting micronutrient-filled foods.

The Super

Charmed Life

These instant noodles are healthy, high quality, and eco-friendly.What if instant noodles could actually be good for you, our planet as well as farming communities?

The Straits Times

Starting a food revolution by making instant noodles that are good for health and the planet. Healthy instant noodles may sound like an oxymoron, but not to Chris Langwallner.

CNA Luxury

Healthier instant noodles are possible – this Singapore entrepreneur developed it

Green Queen

Singapore Startup NamZ Launches Climate-Resilient Sustainable Food Brand

Asia Pacific Food Industry

What If… You Could Help Change The World, One Meal At A Time?

The Sunday Times

A pandemic may have thrown global food supply chains into disarray, but new and innovative methods are reshaping food systems.

Time Out Singapore

Vegan, healthy, and sustainable – a look at the future of convenience food. A local start-up is making instant food that’s actually good for you and the environment

Food Navigator Asia

WATCH: Why the future of convenience foods is farmer, planet and consumer-friendly. WhatIF Foods, the consumer brand of Singapore-based food science company NamZ, has opened...