What if

sustainability is not enough?

What we eat is hurting us

Empty Calories

The Food we are eating is hurting us

Empty Lands

How we grow food hurts our planet

Empty Communities

We are leaving communities behind

Why sustain something that is broken?

The agri-food industry consolidated around twelve crops and a handful of animals to make up more than 75% of our calorie intake. This is out of 300,000 species available for human consumption. This simplification of the food basket led to the widespread models of monoculture and factory farming underpinning the industry’s many ethical and environmental problems. The status-quo has been shaped by desires for economies-of-scale and monetary KPI, while disregarding negative impacts on natural resources and stakeholders.

The industry now poses major threats to human health, the environment, and communities.

Today, it manufactures empty calories, leaves behind empty lands, and empties the souls of communities.

It's time to REgenerate

WhatIF foods is a planet-based food company founded on regenerative principles. 

REgeneration is in our DNA. We make foods that REplenish diets, REstore degraded lands by using crops that are grown with regenerative practices, and REconnect with farming communities.

Welcome to the REgeneration

The REgeneration is a lifestyle reflecting a set of attitudes, values, and world views that would influence an individual’s behavior towards replenishment instead of depletion, restoration instead of degradation, and reconnection instead of disconnection.

WhatIF Foods advocates for and empowers the consumers to adopt this lifestyle through our many activities and initiatives. Our goal is to spread this way of life to global audiences.

By kick-starting a global movement for the adoption of this way of life, we can engage the collective consciousness through a call to arms and create a global shift towards a beyond-sustainability regenerative lifestyle. To activate the movement, we seek to spark conversations, both online and in-person, and inspire individuals and communities to thrive according to the regenerative principles: REplenish, REstore, REconnect.

The WhatIF Way

Per Aristotle’s dictum: ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. We live in an interdependent world, where one’s life does not exist in a vacuum, disconnected from one’s environment and community. We cannot replenish without restoring, nor can we restore without reconnecting, or reconnect without replenishing. Our regenerative principles guide our actions as one whole, and only when all three pillars are supported can we truly change the status quo and bring about the REgeneration.

We REplenish

We make nutritious foods full of natural nutrients preserved from the ingredients we use. We aim to deliver balanced diets to everyone through innovative and accessible products.

We REstore

We use crops grown with regenerative practices in all our products. In doing so, we promote the adoption and preference for regenerative agriculture across the value chain.

We REconnect

We design our supply chains to empower farmers. We work closely with farming communities through outreach programs to facilitate bilateral knowledge exchange.

We are reinventing the food system, category by category

WhatIF Foods leads the REgeneration through disruptive innovations
across product categories. We are not in the business of building the
next plant-based brand, or the next trendy vegan product, nor are we
fantasizing about a high-tech dream.

We are a planet-based company with a mission to regenerate the planet
and its people by reinventing the food system - category by category.

Our Impact

at 3 billion servings

Enable about 30 million consumers to lead regenerative change and positively impact others around them for greater well-being.

Save CO2 emissions equivalent to 1,000 Boeing 737 flights around the world every year.

Save water equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of all North Americans.

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