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WhatIF BamNut Milk and Noodles to Hit Shelves of over 100 retail locations in New York City

WhatIF Foods is expanding its reach and is making its BamNut based goods available in over 100 retail locations across New York City.

WHO: WhatIF Foods is a planet-positive food and beverage brand known for their mission to go beyond sustainability and focus on REgeneration. WhatIF Foods believes that the current sustainability efforts don’t go far or fast enough to meaningfully address the climate crisis facing all of us. They advocate that the urgent need of the hour is to heal what is damaged and to replenish what’s been lost, in other words to REgenerate.

WHAT: Planet-positive and REgenerative food brand, WhatIF Foods, is set to make its portfolio of products more accessible to New Yorkers. Their innovative use of the Bambara Groundnut aka BamNut, a REgenerative legume with land-healing and carbon sequestering capabilities, has been central to achieving their mission of creating nutritious food, repairing damaged lands and boosting incomes for farmers. The brand will launch its products in over 100 retailers, providing New Yorkers easy access to its highly nutritious and delicious noodles and the newest, awesome-tasting plant milk on the block made from the planet-healing BamNut.

WhatIF’s BamNut Milk is made with just 3 natural ingredients and fortified with vitamins & minerals; its free of any gums, stabilizers and added sugar or sweeteners. It is as creamy and frothy as oat milk (without the gums!), as high in protein as soy milk (without the negative soy connotations), and as neutral tasting as almond milk (without the high water use), removing customers' need to compromise.. Consumers can enjoy this amazing products in 3 varieties: Barista for the coffee lover- add straight or enjoy as a wonderful, foamy latte, Everyday which is a versatile and well-rounded milk for your daily milk needs and Airy, the low calorie version with all the taste but only 80 calories.

Their noodles come in 4 great tasting offers that are not just delicious but also good for you. Each portion contains protein equivalent to 2 boiled eggs, they air fry their noodles, making them 60% lower in fat than typical ramen, and are completely free of palm oil. Due to the addition of BamNut flour in their noodles, they are loaded with fiber and other nutrients that not only make them healthier, but also make you feel more full for longer.

WHEN: WhatIF Foods products have been available in NYC since November 2022.

WHERE: WhatIF Foods BamNut Milk and Noodles are on shelf in over 100 retail locations across the city of New York in partnership with B&A brokers, with distribution being handled by Gold Coast Distributors covering Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. WhatIF Foods products can be found at Citarellas, Key Food, Brooklyn Harvest, Food Town, Super Fresh Market, Urban Market, Gourmet Fresh and City Acres amongst others. All retailers will be carrying WhatIF Foods’ milk products while select stores will be offering both their milk and noodles.

WHY: WhatIF Foods is a brand that strongly advocates for businesses to transition from sustainable business practices to REgenerative ones in order to recover and REgenerate possible damage inflicted to the environment. Christoph Langwallner, CEO and co-founder of WhatIF Foods spoke about this at length at The Planetiers World Gathering held in Lisbon, Portugal, alongside other key business innovators such as John Fullerton, Peter Wennström and Scott Poynton. WhatIF Foods is here to share with everyone their awesome portfolio of BamNut products that are better for you, better for the planet and better for farmers.

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